Welcome! We're in the middle of the mountain.

In the Oriental Carpathians there is a region of unique beauty given by the wilderness of an impressive landscape. In Bicaz Canyon, the mountains join their foreheads in gigantic arches. Crossing the canyon gives you the impression of passing through a cathedral with rocky walls.

Lacu Rosu, situated in the region of this canyon, has a peculiar history. A fragment of the mounting crumbles in the way of a water stream and gives birth to what we admire today. A mountain lake with tree trunks emerging at the water surface bears witness to that cataclysm.

Dedicated to our clients



"Located in a quiet zone with a beautiful view and close to the lake. The room is spacious, very clean and the staff is very kind. It was a pleasure!"



"We loved this quiet place and the mountain's fresh air. The staff was very helpful with the tourists."



"The size and the view of the sorroundings, the peace and the fact we weren't disturbed by the staff, enough space for a standard room"



"Everything there is very nice. Fresh air, peace, comfort."

Vasilica Gratiela

"Lots of attention towards the client and his needs, hospitality, good food, a clean place, and love from the guests."

And the list can go on... :-)

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